“High Tea With Gerri Featured on WGN Morning News”




“The North Shore’s high priestess of tea.”

Make It Better Magazine

“I read with interest your article (“Teascapes,” April 2006) about tea at the Botanic Garden. I am a collector of antique Victorian teacups. I am also a fan of formal teas done in proper style. There is a woman from the North Shore who is widely known for her authentic English/Irish style teas. She prepares her teas in painstaking detail and serves them from antique cups with proper linens and silver tea service. She is an absolute delight as a server and business owner. As a person who has held these teas in my home, the Kenilworth club, and elsewhere for friends and charity associates, I want to alert (your readers) to her business since she has brought a renaissance to high tea on the North Shore with her considerable expertise in this Area.”

June O’Donoghue
North Shore Magazine

“As popular as raisin scones fresh from the oven.”

Pioneer Press